Like waiting for a Secret Decoder Ring

Every Christmas season I watch A Christmas Story featuring Ralphie and his quest to get the ultimate Christmas gift of an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle  for his Christmas present. In the story, he consumes a large quantity of Ovaltine in order to receive the coveted Little Orphan Annie Secret Society Decoder Ring. Ralphie gets mail After a long wait, he receives  his prize only to be disheartened upon decoding the secret message.


My excitement has been comparable to that of Ralphie’s.  Though, I haven’t really been waiting long, just a few weeks. MM crop


In mid-June, I rode to New Jersey to meet a special someone just to get her signature as a sponsor so I could join the Motor Maids. This week, I received my membership card and other goodies in my welcome packet.

I will certainly be letting you know about that “special someone” and more on the Motor Maids in future posts.

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