Donnas 1st bikeFrom the time I got my first dirt bike at age 4, every spare moment was spent riding around the hills of our family farm in Southwest Virginia.  I was fearless back then and that time has given me so many happy memories, good lessons and a few scars as reminders of some of my “not so good” ideas like jumping over rocks and sliding under barbed wire fences. Sadly, I stopped riding for many years as an adult.

It was one of my girlfriends that enrolled me in Riders Edge class and at a time in my life when things seemed to be crumbling around me; that class and purchasing my first Harley Davidson a few weeks later renewed my spirit.

I am not an expert in regards to knowledge and safety where riding a motorcycle is concerned, though I aspire to be the safest I possibly can. We are lifelong learners and our journeys down life’s roads on our motorcycles are continually teaching us skills to navigate the way.


After a few years of watching women motorcycle riders, I’ve noticed we have some commonalities. We like riding our own bikes and we like riding with someone special. We like our leather jackets and the kick of attitude we get wearing them. When we take off our helmets, it’s fluffing up the hair or donning a favorite cap followed by putting on our pretty lipstick or favorite chapstick. These observations and the creativity of a girlfriend’s husband provided the name Lipstick and Leather.  Thank you Dave!Donna on Beau


My hopes are to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way. From riding safety class, purchasing my own motorcycles, confidence in riding, choosing gear and favorite rides to what has been great advice and some not so much.

Did I mention that I am a Motorcycle Safety Foundation coach for the state of Tennessee and a Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Rider Coach?  And, a proud member of the Motor Maids.

I invite you to join the ride!