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Protect Yourself From Heat Exhaustion

I didn’t have to listen to the weather to know how hot it has been lately.  The weatherman did emphasize we’ve had more 90+ degree days than we normally do for this time of year.  Protect yourself from heat exhaustion when you’re riding this summer. The Mayo Clinic provides a list of symptoms to be…


Hello Spring!

How I love Spring……. blooming flowers, hummingbirds, warmer mornings….. with all the wonderful things Spring brings, we also get motorists that “forget” motorcycles.  Remember that all those folks in their cars and trucks have not been looking out for us during the winter months. If you have attended a motorcycle safety course, then take a…


Winter Riding …. Don’t Forget Hydration!

In the summer months, we tend to think about staying hydrated because it’s hot outside and we get thirsty.  Staying hydrated is just as important when you ride in the winter months. Our bodies have to deal with the dry heat in our homes and buildings. We go outside and our lungs work harder to humidify the…


Winter Riding …. Beware of Hypothermia!

Back in the summer, I passed on a story about my experience with heat exhaustion. Now that we are riding in the winter months, let’s chat about hypothermia. Hypothermia is a drop in your body temperature.  It’s caused by being in cold temperatures for an extended period of time.  Hypothermia is a dangerous condition and…


Winter Riding…. What about your tires?

In the last post, Winter Riding….Layer Up!, we talked about wearing layers to keep warm during cold weather rides.  In Tip #2 of this series of posts, let’s check your tires. Before you head out for that ride, it’s more important than ever to check your tire pressure when riding in colder weather.  If you’re…


Winter Riding …. Layer Up!

Even with the temperatures outside getting colder, I still enjoy riding.  Here are some tips to make your winter riding enjoyable and keep those toes and fingers toasty warm! When you’re riding, the faster you go the more the relative wind speed increases.  And, this continues to drop the temperature you feel as you ride.  For…


Live for the Ride

The first time I heard the quote “Dress for the Crash, Live for the Ride” was from a very wise instructor at a motorcycle safety class a few weeks ago. I feel strongly that everyone who drives a motorcycle should take a motorcycle safety course. I took mine before I bought my Street Bob in…

Baby it’s Hot Outside

We all welcome warmer riding weather in the spring and expect hot riding weather in the summer.  Don’t be so excited to get your wheels rolling that you forget to prepare for the heat.   Last summer, I was returning from a ride down the Carolina coast when I experienced many of the symptoms of…

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